The House

Sara and Michael met up here and became fell inloved of each other and also of this area rich in traditional architecture, stunning scenerys and welcoming people .

Using its architectural training ,  they recovered a house belonging to Beira’s typical architecture with comfort,  modernity and attention to detail,  where they receive all who visit them as if they  are part of the family . Here the motto is that you feel like you’re in your home, but with small and personalized pampering and amidst nature .

You can do what your imagination dictates you, from nature walks (all -terrain , hiking and mountain biking from the house ) , trips to the engravings of the Coa Valley , a bit of local crafts , play greentennis , badminton or volleyball on the lawn , make a meal in coal, in the outdoor barbecue or lounging on the beds and chairs outside , by the pool , with the Coa Valley and the birdsinging to serve as backdrop .

In the living room you have a TV with surround system , here you can listen to music or watch movies from the owners private collection . There is a space to play with table board games and other games and to read books on various subjects , linked to the area where the house is.

Enter a different pace and let them share a little of their lives .

Come meet them !

See also their newest project: “Straw Houses” , an innovative concept that combines traditional architecture with environmental concerns .

Be part of this new project . More information here.


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